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Big enough to cope and small enough to care.

This is the catch phrase behind the success of Colloyd Cabinet and Display Manufacturing. Founded by Lloyd Jones and Colin Young in 1990. The challenges of starting a business in a difficult economic climate ingrained in the pair the drive, perseverance and tenacity to build their fledgling business into the highly respected operation it is today.

A company that believes in maintaining our integrity and valuing our staff and clients, Colloyd’s success hails from a genuine desire to produce the best custom-made cabinetry and joinery available. We take pride in what we do, consistently producing quality work in a range of styles that spans from classic to contemporary to cutting-edge. Maintaining that to be the best you need to use the best, we refuse to compromise, working with only the top quality hardware and materials available.

Inventiveness, combined with a willingness to adopt new and innovative manufacturing techniques has also been pivotal in enabling Colloyd to lead the way within our field. At Colloyd we love a challenge and we’re happy to go where no cabinetmaker has gone before. To architects, interior designers and builders we say bring it on!

“Knowing my objective is easy but just how to get there can be an issue. The team at Colloyd interprets my brief in such a way to deliver exactly what I had imagined. That’s why I keep using them.”
Fiona Austin, Austin Design Associates, Interior Designers
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Our Services

Colloyd offers a complete cabinetry and joinery service from the initial briefing to design, manufacture and final installation of product.  Almost twenty years of experience allows us to offer up valuable advice and find the right solution for every project.  Working closely with architects, interior designers, builders, project managers and the general public, we believe in treating a client as a partner, not merely a customer. Our total focus is on achieving our client’s specific needs quickly, cost effectively and to the best of our ability.

“Quality should be a given but delivery is my most important criteria. Colloyd deliver on time, every time.”
Stewart Loewe, Progressive Property
8 Head Router

Our Facilities

Colloyd understands the value of investment and regularly upgrades company equipment in keeping with technology and the latest finishes on offer. In-house we have a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities, reducing production turnaround times and minimising the cost to our clients.

Colloyd In-House Facilities include:

  • Computer Point-to-Point 8 Head Router. Ideal for producing high volume, dimensionally accurate multiple panels with a guaranteed accuracy to 0.04 of a millimetre.

  • Vacuum pressing, vinyl wrapper allows for fast turn around times, unlimited colour ranges and highly durable finishes

“Quality should be a given but delivery is my most important criteria. Colloyd deliver on time, every time.”
Stewart Loewe, Progressive Property

Our Team

At Colloyd we are proud to have a highly skilled, happy team. Our tradesmen are a group of superb craftspeople, many doing their apprenticeships with us and staying on for the long term. Their loyalty is a result of the company’s philosophy of quality training and providing each individual with interesting, challenging projects that they can be personally involved with from start to finish. This creates a great sense of ownership and end results that everyone can be proud of.

“I’ve been with Colloyd for over twenty years. There’s always new and challenging projects to stretch my skills and a great depth of knowledge within the team to call on when tackling something never done before.”
Steve Strickland, Colloyd

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Our Suppliers

Colloyd enjoys partnerships with all major brands of quality cabinetry furniture.

Wilson & Bradley
Lincoln Sentry
Mitchell Group
Furnware Dorset